Teyseer Card

Teyseer card is a smart card, which can be used to get multiple services, from all of our petrol & service stations in Qatar in a very practical, convenient and easy manner.

What TEYSEER CARD can offer you?

TEYSEER CARD enables you to:
  • Pay for fuel & other services quickly and easily
  • Reduce the time you spend on administration
  • Gain more control of your spending on fuel & services
  • Gain extra security and benefits


This is a Magnetic-Based Smart Card that has many features such as:
  • Vehicle restriction
  • Fuel & service product restriction
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly fuel & services consumption amount restriction
  • PIN can be enabled
  • Online revalue/top-up for prepaid cards etc


  • Credit-based card that offers secure and helpful management of large vehicle fleets that suits companies and government organizations.
  • Flexible and convenience pre-paid card.
  • Ideally designed for individuals and owners of small vehicle fleets.

What's new with TEYSEER CARD?

Now you can pay for the rest of the services such as oil change, washing, mechanical maintenance, etc using TEYSEER CARD at all our outlets.

Apply Now

Get your TEYSEER CARD by visiting our head office at Teyseer Petrol Station Salwa Road.
For more information,
Please contact the hotline 4469 6696

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